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In September, at the start of the term for the AmeriCorps career corps, my team here at Delmar/Central were tasked with creating a computer class for the state career centers. We spent months planning and crafting what I feelĀ  is a pretty comprehensive course for those who either never used a computer before or have limited access to one and needs to be brought up to speed. Its kinda like writing a manual for “How to teach my mom how to use the interwebs“.

As you can imagine this was not an easy task. But I figured if I can get my dad on facebook, then by god I can teach theses people that lolcats are the greatest thing mankind has ever invented! how to find jobs online! So my team and I completed our first week of basic computer skills training and I’m happy to report that it was awesome. I only blew one mind on Thursday and that’s when I told the class that yes you can in fact watch teevee on the internet.

And as of this Tuesday, we are now offering free one – on – one tutoring for anyone who completed the class and would like to know more about the awesomeness that is Neil Patrick Harris (and computers…but mostly NPH)

(any excuse for a Starship Troopers reference)

I’m certain that we’re gonna start the advanced computer class with how to make video resumes…

like this one.

And on a FlashDrive related post, we started to receive our first donations last week from Carl in St Louis which is awesome (thanks Dude!) and we’re in the processes of contacting local businesses to see if they would like to join our noble cause. After that comes the begging. Wish us luck!

I leave you with this to make your Monday go a bit smoother.


Career Delmar/Central Team


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